People’s Action for Accountability and Good Governance in Zambia

The People’s Action for Accountability and Good Governance in Zambia (PAAGZ) is a local Civil Society Organisation focused on contributing to improved Governance and Service delivery for marginalized groups in Zambia so that ultimately there can be a more equitable and inclusive Zambia.

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PAAGZ was founded and registered in 2020 as a ‘Company limited by guarantee’ with the Registrar of Companies. It’s started its operations in 2021. Peoples Action for Accountability and Good Governance (PAAGZ) has been a driving force for positive change in Zambia's governance landscape since its inception. Founded on the principle that good governance ansd public service delivery holds the key to a brighter future for the country's most vulnerable populations, PAAGZ has strategically focused its efforts on promoting citizen-driven accountability, inclusive governance, and systemic improvements. Strategically positioned, PAAGZ has been engaging directly with communities, placing special emphasis on diverse segments, including women and youth. PAAGZ's impact transcends traditional methods by harnessing the transformative power of art and creative expression to engage and empower marginalized communities, particularly women and youth. This innovative approach has consistently proven to be effective in capturing attention, disseminating vital information, and fostering positive change in communities across Zambia.
Our Vision

An equitable and inclusive Zambia

Our Mission

To Improve governance and service delivery for marginalized groups by promoting Social Accountability and protection of Human rights.

Organizational Goal

PAAGZs’ goal strives to create a Zambia where marginalized communities have a greater voice in shaping their own destinies, enjoy equal access to quality services, and experience the benefits of good governance firsthand.

What do we mean when we save social accountability?

Theory of Change

PAAGZ’s Theory of Change is grounded in its vision for an equitable and inclusive Zambia, with the core challenge identified as ‘Poor governance and service delivery for marginalized groups.’

Pillar 1:

Promotion of accountability of Public Office Bearers and Elected Officials in the use of Public funds and to citizens.

Pillar 2:

Promotion of Citizen Participation in Governance and Decision-Making Processes with emphasis of marginalised citizens

Pillar 3:

Promotion of Socio-Economic Rights

Where do we work?


Geographic Scope

PAAGZ has elected to maintain its presence in the 2 provinces of Lusaka and Copperbelt so as to sustain efforts and continue collaboration with already established target groups.


Target Audience

PAAGZ has been very categorical in terms of its target audience throughout its existence. The primary target group is the Marginalized people – segments of the population usually excluded from decision-making and other processes that affect their lives. The larger part of this group comprises of women and youths (males and females aged 15 – 35)

PAAGZ Programmatic Areas

PAAGZ is structured to achieve its envisioned outcomes through three distinct programs. The first two programs are outward-facing, with the initial one concentrating solely on citizen engagement and exacting accountability of public finance management. This program targets marginalized groups, public office/duty bearers, and elected officials, aiming to amplify citizen participation and enhance accountability among officials, thereby fostering improved governance and service delivery. The second externally focused program centres on Cultural Rights, Artistic Rights, and Human Rights in a broader sense. Conversely, the third program shifts its focus inward to enhance organizational management, organizational development, and the effective and efficient implementation of programs and activities.

PAAGZ will tackle its goals through a three-pronged program approach:


Program Area

Citizen Engagement for Social Accountability

This externally focused program empowers citizens, particularly marginalized groups, to hold public officials accountable and advocate for better governance and service delivery.
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Program Area

Creative Advocacy and Human Rights

Within this program, PAAGZ directs its efforts towards shedding light on fundamental rights in their broadest sense. The approach taken involves championing the use of creative and cultural expression as powerful tools in advocating for inclusive governance and enhanced human rights. CAHR recognizes the transformative potential of creative advocacy, aiming to harness the influence of artistic expression to illuminate the path toward a society where inclusive governance is upheld, and fundamental human rights are safeguarded including artistic rights.
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Program Area

Management and Organisational Development

Building a strong foundation is key. MOD focuses on internal excellence, strengthening PAAGZ's organizational capacity, development, and program implementation. This ensures efficient operations and maximum impact for the externally focused programs.
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