About Us

About Us

The People’s Action for Accountability and Good Governance in Zambia (PAAGZ) is an independent and not-for-profit organisation working on governance and accountability processes. The organisation was founded on the belief that public sector performance is particularly important to the country’s poorest people, who rely disproportionately on government services, and improved service delivery in addressing high poverty and inequality levels. PAAGZ is coordinated a passionate, multi-skilled and accomplished board members and foot soldiers.

PAAGZ seeks to pursue a more innovative citizen-based advocacy and influencing approach to demand for responsible and accountable leadership in the management of public resources at both local and national levels. This is achieved through creation of user-friendly tools and interactive platforms that citizens can use to engage and demand for services and accountability as well as engage and co-create with duty bearers on a variety of issues.

Our story

Our Vision

A more equal and inclusive Zambia anchored on citizens participation.

Our Mission

To create citizen led public resource management and good governance in Zambia.

Our Team

Fumba Chama

Executive Director

Fumba Chama is an award-winning poet and songwriter. His talent for performing hip-hop music, which is inherently political, has been a powerful vehicle that he has skilfully used to speak out against Government corruption, poverty and inequality. Mr Chama’s unique gift to connect with the Zambian youth has earned him respect. In addition, he is held in high esteem his peers and across the political spectrum in Zambia. Mr Chama is a leader and a community mobiliser who has successfully made the cross-over into mainstream political activism.


His consistency and authenticity have rightfully earned him the moniker of ‘The Voice for the Voiceless’. Mr Chama has a wealth of experience in planning and personally delivering workshops to rural communities and young people on various issues including Public Resource Management and governance. His dedication has enabled Mr. Chama to build a wide network of supporters and strategic partners from various sectors in Zambia and abroad. He has been invited to travel to Europe and Latin America to share his unique lived experience.

Bupe Chipili Muzamba

Finance and Administration Officer

Bupe Chipili Muzamba holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Lusaka. She has vast experience in accounting and administrative work which has been gained working for various organisations. She understands that the ballot box remains a tool for young Africans to elect leaders who will foster social change and generate economic opportunities on the Continent. In her free time, she enjoys travelling around the country and learning about different cultures.

Tabita Lilungwe

Project Officer

Tabita Lilungwe holds a degree in Mass Communication and Development Studies from the University of Zambia (UNZA). She has worked for a number of national NGOs. Ms Lilungwe has a very good understanding of human rights and the importance of building strong communities. She has gained experience in conducting peer education and community mobilisation in urban and rural areas. Ms Lilungwe has also worked for the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), as a trainee reporter. In her free time, she writes for UNZA radio and The Lusaka Star, an online magazine for the Department of Media and Communication Studies at UNZA. She is an avid content creator.

Lishomwa Mwala

Project Assistant Officer

Lishomwa Mwala recently obtained a degree in Political Science from the University of Zambia (UNZA). At UNZA he showed a keen interest in elections, diplomacy and governance. Mr Mwala understands that young people vote less frequently, stand as candidates less often and remain underrepresented in electoral institutions. In his free time, Mr Mwala enjoys watching television shows and movies. He also loves to cook which he finds therapeutic.

Steward Mwale

Digital and Media Officer

Steward Mwale is an innovative creative. He is passionate about creating unique artwork which inspires. He has worked on various print projects and event campaigns for a range of different organisations. Mr. Mwale recently graduated from Evelyn Hone College in Zambia.