PAAGZ Strategic Plan 2024-2027: Fostering an Inclusive Zambia

Many have long imagined a Zambia where citizen voices echo in the halls of power and speak to it. Where ordinary Zambians, empowered and engaged, hold their leaders accountable, demanding services that reflect their needs and accountable use of state resources. Where decisions are characterised with threads of inclusivity, and respect for human rights, running through the very fabric of our Zambian society and communities. This vision, ambitious yet attainable, is the guiding light of PAAGZ’s Strategic Plan for 2024-2027: Fostering an inclusive Zambia. This document is not merely a collection of goals and strategies; it is an invitation to action, a clarion call to all who yearn for an inclusive and vibrant Zambia.
For PAAGZ and likeminded civil society, it is a blueprint for amplifying citizen voices. Through citizen engagement and artistic expression, we can have a citizenry characterised by architects of change, holding officials accountable and demanding good governance. The narratives, struggles, triumphs and hopes of the marginalised Zambian will serve as our driving force.
For government officials and duty bearers, it is a roadmap for responsive leadership. PAAGZ extends a hand not in confrontation, but in collaboration. This plan offers tools to bridge the gap between citizens and their representatives, fostering transparency and ensuring that services reach those who need them most. It is an opportunity to reshape and co-write the narrative, to become champions of accountability and inclusion by serving those most in need of the public services and resources you preside over.
For non-state actors, it is a canvas for your expertise. Your knowledge, your resources, and your unwavering commitment can give practical effect to this vision. Whether you are an artist or creative inspiring social change, a pursuer of justice or lawyer upholding human rights, a development practitioner vested in an accountable future, PAAGZ welcomes and values your respective partnership.
And for you, the committed cooperating partner, PAAGZ offers you a chance to witness the ripple effect of the resources you generously direct towards the interests of the Zambian citizen. Thank you for your support and partnership.
Our strategic plan is a manifestation of our commitment to amplify the voices of the marginalised, fortify the fabric of cultural and artistic expression and foster sustainable efforts that shift the power to those most in need.
As you delve into the heart of this strategic plan, I implore you to read not only between the lines but beyond them. Recognize the urgency embedded in these words, for the challenges we face demand immediate and concerted action. The time for action is now.