Project: Activate


  1. MORE YOUTHS TO REGISTER AS VOTERS: Zambians will go to elections next year, 2021.  Among the expected outcomes is a huge turnout of youths to register as voters and to actually vote on the voting day. The ACTIVATE project through its outreach programs will conduct capacity building trainings for first time voters and those that may have lost interest in participating in the voting process for whatever reasons. These outreaches will be conducted at district level in selected provinces of Zambia.
  • INCREASED AWARENESS OF GOVERNANCE (POLITICAL) PROCESSES: It is our belief that if young people know better, they would demand better and would act better. We hope to see a more vibrant and alert youths as we go into the election year. This will be achieved through attending our capacity building events but also through the digital platforms that we hope to create where young people can access information and report issues they feel are outside the norms. We are aware that young people are not interested in the traditional ways of engagement therefore alternative platforms would be effective in having young people participate in the democratic processes in Zambia. Enhanced use of social media platforms by the public in demanding accountability of public resources.
  • INCREASED DEMAND FOR ACOUNTABLE LEADERSHIP:  It is our belief that once the electorates know why they vote and what they should expect, it is easier for them to know what to demand from those they vote. We expect to see an increased demand for accountable leadership before elections
  • and after the elections. Youths  engaging in a public accountability discourse that demands transparency and    accountability from an informed perspective.
  • Key activities: Briefly describe the key activities.
  1. COMMUNITY MEETINGS– Conduct capacity building meetings with women and youths in selected communities around the country:
  2. CREATE DIGITAL TOOLS AND PLATFORMS: Creativity and Innovation is at the center of our work and we hope to create digital tools and platforms which young people can engage to report their concerns on accountability, corruption and how governance issues in their communities.
  3. CONDUCT COMMUNITY RADIO WORKSHOPS –  The project also seeks to utilize the power of radio to mobilise and engage citizens, both young and old. Radio remains the most influential form of media in Zambia and localised local language programmes form the best avenues for citizen engagement. This activity empowers citizens, especially at the local level with the opportunity to to participate in the dialogues, sharing opinions, views and other ideas and to scrutinise public processes including those that seek public office.