People’s Action for Accountability and Good Governance in Zambia (PAAGZ) in partnership with Wordsmash Poetry and Bloggers of Zambia brought together POETS from around Lusaka and trained them in Social Accountability, Public Resource Management and Cyber Security. The POETS also participated in a poetry contest on Social Accountability and Cyber security.

During the training, the participants were divided into groups that allowed them to brainstorm and share ideas on the importance of Social Accountability in Public Resource Management and Service delivery

PAAGZ seeks to pursue a more innovative citizen based advocacy and influencing approach to the demand for responsible and accountable leadership in the management of public resources. The poetry slam under the theme “The Importance of Social Accountability in Public Resource Management and service delivery” trained the poets to demand for social accountability in a creative way.

A total of 18 young poets participated in the contest and only two emerged winners.

The two winners of the Poetry slam Chindo Na Mathew (Far Left) and Seiraph (far right) pose for photos with the PAAGZ Executive Director Fumba Chama and Bloggers of Zambia projects officer Misozi Dambo.